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McQuaig® Word Survey

With this guided assessment, you will get the tools you need to select the right new employee and training on how to motivate an existing employee to reach their maximum potential.

  • Define position requirements.
  • Assess the candidate’s potential.
  • Retain & develop the talent!

Assess a Candidate or Employee’s Motivation

Chuck Bauer’s McQuaig® Word Survey Assessment training enables you to learn as much as possible about a potential job candidate before the position is offered. By the end of this time, you will understand the temperament and behavior patterns of each candidate and how they apply these potentials to their job performance.

The McQuaig® Word Survey is a self-assessment tool where each candidate reveals what they want others to think of them and how they really are. It reveals what motivates them as well as provides strategies for managing them and helping them develop to become more efficient and t. By identifying their inner drives and how they learn, the manager can determine what management style will be the most effective to inspire their best performance. 

What you'll get:

  • A Visual Picture of Natural Temperament/Behavior and Recent Changes
  • Detailed Interpretation Report
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Assets, Development Areas, and Adjustments
  • Summary of Likely Behavior in a Leadership Role
  • Summary of Behavior in Persuasive Situations
  • Behavior-based Interviewing Questions
  • Basic Predictions of On-The-Job Behaviors

To complete this order, please fill out some additional information related to this assessment. Repeat this process as needed for each individual person being assessed. A valid email is required for both the person being assessed as well as the supervisor placing the order.