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McQuaig® Job Performance Survey

Using a list of job-specific interviewing and reference-checking questions, you will get the tools to accurately measure a job candidate’s potential performance and behaviors.

  • Define position requirements.
  • Assess the candidate’s potential.
  • Retain & develop the talent!

Understanding Potential Job Performance

The Job Performance Survey accurately measures a candidate’s understanding of the position. It provides a list of targeted, job-specific interviewing and reference-checking questions to elicit relevant information from the candidate—determining whether they are in the top 30% of talent for your position.

Chuck Bauer’s McQuaig® Job Performance Survey enables you to select the right person for an employment position you or your hiring department is looking to fill. You will begin by defining what elements are required for the “right” person. Through the use of reliable questions and answers about the job specifics and about the work environment from the most effective members of your sales or business team, Chuck determines the behavior patterns and temperament needed to be a success in your organization.

Independent research shows that soft skills, such as temperament and attitudes, rather than hard skills like education, lead to success. Sales Coach Chuck Bauer knows what skills it takes to find and hire a successful salesperson or employee!

What you'll get:

  • Visual of Specified Behavior Patterns for the Position
  • Detailed Interpretation Report
  • Overview of Expectations, Behaviors, and Screening Tips
  • Leadership, Team Building, and Problem-Solving Behaviors
  • Summary of Behavioral Requirements for the Position
  • Interviewing Questions for the Specific Position
  • Questions to Elicit Responses Describing Past Behaviors
  • Reference Checking Questions for the Position
  • Basic Predictions of On-The-Job Behaviors

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