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Sales / Staff Interview

Suspect you found the right person to hire? Don’t waste your company’s time and money on the wrong person! Hire Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer to do an assessment and formal interview to know for sure!

Is this person really the right person to hire?

Hire your next employee with confidence. Ensure that each candidate fully qualifies and understands the dynamics of the position. Don’t spend the fortune that other companies spend by hiring the wrong job candidate. Choose Chuck Bauer right now to interview the person you think is right for the position you’re filling.

How Does a Sales / Staff Interview Work?

First, you need to have a specific job candidate up for consideration. Review their resume and their qualifications as you would in any other hiring situation. Before calling them for an interview… call Chuck instead! When you provide Chuck with your candidate’s information, he will be able to take the lead and get you a straight answer as to whether or not you found the right person. Here’s how it all works:

  • Step One: McQuaig® Word Survey Assessment

    Chuck will first perform a McQuaig Word Survey® on the individual to make sure if they understand the requirements of the position. The McQuaig® Company and Chuck Bauer have done thousands of surveys in three different countries and know the basic parameters based on the position the person is going to fill.

    Whether it is customer service, back-end operations, human resources, sales, sales executive, or management—we have templates for what those people should fit into, and when we do the McQuaig® assessments, we will be able to tell if they understand the requirements of the position. More importantly, this McQuaig survey will also offer questions the executive of your company could ask when they interview the person for the final time.

  • Step Two: Formal Recorded Interview

    After an assessment is completed, Chuck will perform a 50-minute interview with your job candidate in a live HD recording. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Mexico City, Toronto, or Texas—it will be done via Zoom. The interviewee and Chuck’s 50-minute session will be recorded and sent back to you.

    You can provide Chuck with a list of questions you want to ask or areas you want to approach. Because he is not affiliated with your company, Chuck can ask some very tough questions to make sure that the interviewee understands some of the boundaries that will probably come up in their job. He does interviews all the time and can probe deeply into the candidate’s personality with objectivity to get a feel for their qualifications: “Yes, this is the right candidate,” “This the right candidate if they understand and change a couple of things,” or “No, do not hire this person.”

What you'll get:

  • One McQuaig Word Survey®
  • One Scheduled 50-minute Training Call with Chuck Bauer
  • Training on Understanding  McQuaig® Assessments
  • Behavior-based Interviewing Tactics
  • Motivational Techniques to Inspire Existing Employees
  • Specific Next Steps on How to Assess Your Job Applicants

To complete this order, additional information about the interviewee as well as the open position is required. Repeat this step for each person.