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McQuaig® Management Tips

Improve performance with better management! This package includes strategies and tools that empower managers to inspire and understand their job candidates and employees.

Understand How to Motivate & Inspire

Chuck Bauer’s McQuaig® Management Tips training program includes strategies and tools to empower your sales force and office staff into increased income every day of every year. This includes an open book coaching program that can be self-administered or used with a coach or manager for continued improvement and development.

What you'll get:

  • Management Overview and Detailed Reports
  • Assessment of Motivating Factors
  • Understanding of Current Roles vs Potential New Roles
  • Strategies for Coaching and Team Building
  • Review of Expectations and Guidance Tactics
  • Developmental Learning Style Report
  • Summary To Help Choose Best Training Approach
  • Understanding of Teamwork Behaviors, Style, and Dynamics

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