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Are you in the top 3% of successful professionals in your industry?


Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer has defined a Freak of Nature (or an FON) as a highly-successful and motivated individual who stands above the rest in terms of professionalism, growth, efficiency, and leadership. Their self-motivation often makes them an unstoppable force within their organization.

Are you one of these FONS who arrive as an unstoppable force to change paradigms?


Put yourself on the pathway of success. Learn to identify what it takes to be a freak of nature and how to apply those traits to transform your business forever. In this course you will learn:

Breakdown the Make Up of Successful Professionals 

Identify the Traits of a Freak of Nature (3%er)

Understand the Importance of Competitiveness & Tenacity

Get Quick & Easy Interview Techniques to Find FONs 

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20 Minutes of POWERFUL
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Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer

One of North America's most noted sales & business consultants, Chuck's expertise spans over thirty years of sales training and business development consulting. Companies and businesses from a variety of industries benefit from his business and management consulting, individual sales training, and sales tune ups drawn from over 10,000+ LIVE sales training experiences.

He has personally coached on 1000s of transactional/non-transactional sales processes all the way up to multi-million dollar international sales deals. To date, Chuck has helped well over 50 C-Level executives, hundreds of business owners, and thousands of individual salespeople work smarter, make more money, so they can take more quality time off!

What will you do with your success?

Don't Procrastinate—Activate!


20 Minutes of POWERFUL
Training Content